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If you’re like me, you may have noticed that 2 of the Nederlander Theater’s most successful shows have featured New Yorkers obsessed with Santa Fe. ‘How obsessed?’ one might ask. Let’s run it down…

Nederlander by the Numbers:
Rent: April 29, 1996 - September 7, 2008 (5,123 performances)
Santa Fe’s: 12/performance (61,476 total)

Newsies: March 29, 2012 - August 24, 2014 (1,005 performances) 
Santa Fe’s: 14/performance (14,070 total)

Thus, between the western dreams of Roger Davis and Jack Kelly, we have a grand total of 75,546 mentions of Santa Fe in the performance history of the Nederlander Theater.

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'Read Books' - Animated lettering
Static version here
You can purchase this poster for $8 over here (not animating, obv)


'Read Books' - Animated lettering

Static version here

You can purchase this poster for $8 over here (not animating, obv)

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  • Plays: 12,917
  • Artist: ben fankhauser
  • Track Name: poor GUY'S head is spinning
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Newsies on Broadway Final Bow
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Finding Neverland Preview Clips [x]

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August 25, 2014


Ben Fankhauser sits alone in his room and quietly sings “Go and look it up, the POOR GUYS HEAD is spinning” to himself.

A single tear drips down his nose.

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In honour of this sad day (August 24th i.e. Newsies is closing), I decided to try and give this song a go. I’ve always found it hard-going because it’s quite fast paced and the note at the end is a difficult one, so I hope you can forgive me for it not sounding great. Plus, I don’t claim to be any Kara Lindsay, Caitlyn Caughell, Laurie Veldheer, Molly Jobe or Liana Hunt, who all completely OWN this song. But I’ve tried :)

I’m so incredibly sad that Newsies is closing today. This show means more than you could ever imagine to me. Not only is it an inspirational story about the underdogs taking on the big guys, but it gave me a new family. I have made so many friendships with people all over the world because of Newsies, and for that reason I will be forever grateful to all the cast and creatives who put this show together and made it possible. I am so appreciative for being able to see this show live and I hope so many more people will get to in the future with the US Tour and (hopefully) and transfer to London’s West End. Newsies will never truly be gone.

Something to Believe In


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Finding Neverland: Musical Numbers


For anyone who is interested, I thought I’d post the list of songs in the new musical Finding Neverland at the A.R.T. Loeb Theatre in Cambridge.

Act I
Anywhere But Here- Barrie
Better- Frohman, Barrie, Acting Troupe
Rearranging the Furniture- Mary Barrie and Servants
Believe- Barrie, Sylvia, Llewelyn Davies Boys, Ensemble
All That Matters- Sylvia, Mrs. du Maurier
We Own the Night (Dinner Party)- Mary Barrie, Mrs. du Maurier, Lord Cannan, Frohman, Sylvia, Barrie, LD Boys, Servants
Sylvia’s Lullaby- Sylvia
Neverland- Barrie
Circus of Your Mind- Frohman, Mary Barrie, Mrs. du Maurier, Ensemble
Hook- Hook, Ensemble
Stronger- Barrie, Hook, Ensemble

Act II
The World is Upside Down- Barrie, Frohman, Acting Troupe
Play- Frohman, Sylvia, Acting Troupe
What You Mean to Me- Barrie and Sylvia
We’re All Made of Stars- LD Boys
When Your Feet Don’t Touch the Ground- Barrie and LD Boys
Something About This Night- Frohman, Acting Troupe, Barrie, Peter
Neverland Reprise- Barrie, Sylvia, Mrs. du Maurier, LD Boys, Acting Troupe
Finale (All That Matters)- Mrs. du Maurier, Barrie, Ensemble

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Newsies forever, second to none!

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Ramin Karimloo: No nominations. Just Donate. Generously. Educate yourself at This is to answer…

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